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    Estación de Sol
    de Metro de Madrid

Estación de Sol de Metro de Madrid


Madrid has one of the best transport means in the world, with the second largest subway network in Europe -2.4 million passengers per day.

Alcantara Stone has participated in the remodeling of line 3, providing its exclusive materials for this emblematic project, which was opened in 1936 with a distance of 1.4 km. In 1963 grew until, 6.2 Km. with 11 new stations between Moncloa and Legazpi.

In the course of several months has made a considerable effort from all organizations involved in this project to refurbish and modernize these stations, following the guidelines of usability, design and unification, marked by Metro de Madrid and Mintra.

The work in the yellow line (line 3) has an estimated investment of 319 million of Euros financed by the Community of Madrid and Madrid Town Hall.

These facilities and materials will be enjoyed by 260,000 users, which each day were used as a means of transportation. Precisely for this very intensive use, all the materials used in these types of facilities, and above all the passable, must comply with strict rules and physical-mechanical features, to ensure a time of great durability, while retaining their magnificent aesthetic qualities.


  • Proyecto: Estation de metro de Sol
  • Localización: Madrid, España
  • Promotores: Metro de Madrid
  • Arquitectura: Mintra
  • Contratista: FCC Construcciones


Piezas de Negro Alcantara® e Iridio Alcantara® con acabos pulido y flameado según descripción y requerimientos del proyecto:

Qty. Uds. Descripción
656.20 Ft. de piezas de 80x40x6 cm. con doble banda antideslizante realizadas en Negro Alcantara®
1,919.30 Ft. de escalera en 6 cm. de espesor con una banda antideslizante y realizadas en Negro Alcantara®
2,691.20 Sqft. de baldosas para solado de 60x40x3 cm. en Negro Alcantara®
1 Ut. de entrada con piezas macizas en Iridio Alcantara® flamedo (incluida la escalera realizada con piezas macizas del mismo material)

Materiales involucrados



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